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    Hong Kong media: the sale of land near the mainland city of 50 trillion a second-tier prices do not rise by 50% this hard back
    July 1 Hong Kong media reported that Centaline latest statistics show that as of June 28, 50 mainland cities total land premium has reached 965.59 billion yuan, compared with last year soared 38.5%. In this regard, analysts pointed out that this year, three high land high price, high price, high premium rate common in second-tier cities,tiffany anelli, continue to stimulate the real estate market, housing prices more than the floor price has become the norm.
    According to the "Hong Kong Commercial Daily" Web site reported July 1, statistics show that, Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei has become the most frequent high prices in the first half of the region. Guangzhou in the first half of land transactions statistics released on the 30th, the data show, the first half of Guangzhou has 32 land transactions, contributed a total of over 200 million turnover.
    Centaline Dawei, chief analyst evaluation, said this year is the Chinese history of high prices the most intensive year, continue to stimulate the real estate market. For these 191.938 billion yuan of high prices for the next three years if sales of less than 200 billion or more, the risk of funding strand breaks is likely part of the project appears. Dawei said. For a second-tier cities, next year prices do not rise more than 50%, took the high places of business will face market challenges, enormous cost pressure will cause great risk.
    It is worth noting that the land market in Shanghai on the 30th once again usher in Homestead transfer, Fengxian District, South Bridge Park two residential sites while shooting. Among them, the state-owned development Fengxian price of 1.722 billion yuan of which will be a piece of land in the bag, the actual floor price reached 36,485 yuan / square meter, a premium rate of 240%. Final record refresh area to the king. Presumably, the future of the project at least breakeven price of 56,000 yuan / square meter.
    Further reading
    Into real estate funds focused on the old repeat after 4 trillion: central enterprises dangerous to the king,basket louboutin?
    Central enterprises ferocious king in groups again.
    June 2 pm, Shenzhen Longhua concern on the pond residential crowned king of the new generation, field directly quote bid and eventually the central enterprises China Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Fang Rong real estate joint with 8.29 billion yuan of high prices to get under the ground up to 56,louboutin paris,781 yuan price / square meter.
    The day after, there are seven central enterprises to participate in the auction of Shanghai Baoshan Gu village land, eventually being attached to the Ministry of Finance letter to the king of real estate reconstruction, which is the company within a year made the seventh king. "China Times" reporter Statistics found that, coupled with the May Poly Real Estate central enterprises in Shanghai Zhoupu seizing the king, the country emerged the so-called king of this year, more than half by the local state-owned enterprises, the central enterprises manufacturing.
    Insiders told reporters analysis, recently, the central enterprises frequently shot in the national popular cities rush to the king, which is similar to 2009 4 trillion central enterprises four manufacturing king, ample liquidity once again focus the flow of the real estate industry, banks are keen to the central enterprises and state-owned credit ward rate, low financing costs, sufficient funds to promote housing prices are not bad money,hogan donna, they spend much land grab.
    The problem is that this year, had an urgent need to inventory the real estate market was the king and other factors to stimulate continued to hit, but not bad money,peuterey abbigliamento, debt levels of housing prices hit record highs; most important to note is that macroeconomic still hit new lows, the real estate market is still Yiqijuechen dangerous economic model not only not changed but the more lines farther.
    Frequency central enterprises made king
    Shenzhen Longhua piece of residential land is located on the northeast side of Tong MTR station, salable price of 60,072 yuan / square meter. According to a department estimates the cost of housing prices, with the construction of 1,000 parking spaces, according to the benchmark interest rate to calculate the financial cost, need to 86,000 yuan / square meter can be guaranteed.
    The auction did not take the field, but the bid by the highest bidder. Shenzhen Planning and Land Commission director personally presided over the auction, he was at the scene joked: Media can not say that the tree rose to heaven, prices are the same.
    But the results still exceeded the industry had expected $ 6 billion price. Site received a total of 18 bids, including the sea, Vanke, China Merchants,louboutin botte, Nakasu, dragon light and other local enterprises in Shenzhen, and Taihe, Cinda, Country Garden and so on more than a dozen foreign housing prices. Eventually, the central enterprises China Power Construction Joint Guangzhou Fangrong to offer 8.289 billion yuan in the bag, Fangrong behind Jinmao estate that previous Franshion. Quote from the field of view, the central enterprises, state-owned enterprises offer significantly higher than the Shenzhen local private enterprises.
    Longhua Area housing prices rose in 2015 in Shenzhen ranked the forefront of an universal doubled. Looking back a few years ago the land auction history, even housing prices are not expected, then the price of the king, is gone.
    In 2013, 3.82 billion yuan in the real estate to a competing film area of residential land, the floor price of 14,600 yuan / square meter, a premium of 91%, Shenzhen became the residence of the total amount of monovalent double king. In 2014, the project Jincheng sea market, the average price of 32,000 yuan / square meter, the current in the sea Jincheng hand housing prices more than 60,000 yuan / square meter.
    While the construction of Fangrong win this parcel, it is next to the sea Wang Jincheng project, currently surrounding the rate is -7.5 50,scarpe hogan,000 yuan / square meter.
    Since last year,moncler gilet, the central enterprises rush to sell at high prices frequently, your bread flour prices reaching now. The most eye-catching is the recent letter of real estate in the June 1 to 5.805 billion yuan of the total amount won Shanghai Gu Village, Baoshan District, a block, a premium of more than 303% refreshed after May Poly, Gree and financial record to hit two King records.
    July 2015 to date, the letter of the property through a public auction 10 new plots, where 7 is the king, namely Guangzhou Tianhe king, the king Lakeside Hefei, Shanghai New Jiangwan City to Wang, Shenzhen Pingshan king, Hangzhou Nanxingqiao unit to the king, the total price of Hangzhou Binjiang Olympic subway to the king and the king Shanghai Gu village.
    Centaline Property Research Department statistics show that the first five months of 2016, the national land market, the total price of more than 1.5 billion yuan of 105 high-priced land, total turnover of 328.82 billion yuan, of which 52 are state-owned enterprises obtained a total turnover amounted to 178.58 billion yuan, accounting for 54%; wherein, Cinda,escarpin louboutin, OCT, China Merchants, China power construction, Luneng Group, Gezhouba, Poly, iron, MCC and other central enterprises produced a total of 15 to the king. Luneng 2016 has spent more than 10 billion yuan in the land market.
    Now the king in order to control the occurrence of local government can be considered the brains, to shoot in the form of strict restrictions, such as Suzhou in May moves: shoot developers set the highest price, but still can not avoid frequent the king.
    And while auction points, seven classrooms, block mobile phone network signal, Hefei  personally supervise these unprecedented measures did not prevent the king of Hefei, ushered in the birth. May 30, 12 to the final transfer of Hefei, won gold 9.634 billion yuan, and Poly have of each Lot, Cinda and other central enterprises,escarpins louboutin, including over 10 fangqi participate in bidding.
    Housing prices not bad money?
    This familiar scene repeat itself.
    Ample liquidity, bank money no place to go, the real economy less investment demand, but also a high rate of bad debt,hogan interactive uomo, banks are reluctant to lend to industry, a lot of industry is still in excess of production capacity to the stage, only to real estate and capital flows; and loans to central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, the great enterprises, listed room rate is the safest. A state-owned mortgage banking company account manager told the "China Times" reporter, this time with 4 trillion in 2009 is similar to the low cost of financing the central enterprises,christian louboutin lyon, to get to everywhere.
    A recent example is June 2, the Beijing-based CITIC Group and the Bank signed a $ 30 billion line of credit. And this is just the bank credit funds to support housing prices tip of the iceberg.
    Cinda real estate in the near future to get to Hangzhou, 12.3 billion yuan,cinture ferragamo, 5.8 billion yuan in Shanghai rush to move,hogan uomo, also showed a completely bad money. Cinda real estate behind the Cinda Asset is the first responsible for the acquisition and operation of financial institutions and foreign currency non-performing assets stripped asset management company, under the Chinese Ministry of Finance.
    Just look at the amount of currency from the fourth quarter of last year's national broad money grew by about 4 trillion yuan, while the first quarter of this year M2 growth rate at the level of about 5 trillion yuan of new currency that is two quarters about 9 trillion yuan.
    In addition, since last year's popular unusually large-scale issuance of corporate bonds. According to Wind Information statistics show that in 2015, the listed room rate corporate bonds of about 300 billion yuan, an increase of 18 times. Syndrome Association and the other statistics show that last year the real estate company bonds scale of 428.2 billion yuan, accounting for 42.87 percent of the size of annual corporate bonds.
    The industry believes that housing prices are now borrowing is easy and low cost, the money market at high prices will naturally go to the land grab. As OCT recently issued 3.5 billion yuan of corporate bonds, interest rate as low as 2.98%.
    Director of research with policy advice Zhang Hongwei believes that frequent the king,woolrich donna, your bread flour, which also indicates that the risk of developing, especially in the face of expected policy tightening market context,louboutin homme, to the king project will face the risk of being adjusted, for sale It may cut prices.
    Said Zhang Hongwei, a company positioned to do high-end boutique, known as the Queen to get finished high premium can do, so get to at all costs, they also frequently take to the king; however, in the second half of the property market after a period of adjustment, a high premium on difficult to realize. Also, because of these high-end product line bias, can afford to buy high-end products to customers often purchase credit limit,new balance homme, it will lead to the king real estate transactions are not very ideal, difficult to achieve premium income, and ultimately affect the financial side of such enterprises.
    Borrowed money spent bold nature, the problem is that housing prices were behind the surface beauty, but not well-off.
    China Real Estate Association recently released "2016 Chinese real estate company listed on the evaluation report" shows that the real estate industry in 2015 debt levels remain high, average net debt ratio reached 96.09 percent,moncler paris, up 7.23 percent compared with 2014, a new high.
    The report predicts that this year, although the valuation of listed real estate company ushered in restorative rebound, but housing prices in the capital markets for profitability and asset quality remains reservations. The industry's profit margins are squeezed further, the valuation of housing prices also declined.
    Play the stock market crash led to high leverage, and the property market is now playing a lever, coupled with high debt hidden high-risk, it has not been successfully recovering economy can withstand the trouble it?


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